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What makes us different? ALL of our courses are resistance training focused. We bring research to life.

Welcome! This is Dr. Amy Ashmore's site. You may know me from CEU courses through other providers. Although I love to present and contribute to a variety of platforms, the mission here is simple: provide state board approved resistance training focused CEU courses for physical therapy. We are a boutique-style CEU platform, delivering individual attention.

Based out of fabulous Las Vegas, NV, we are building physical therapy CEU courses one at a time. Starting with online on-demand courses and live webinars, the long-term goal is to add regular live in-gym events to build a resistance training focused community of professionals. All CEU courses explore the latest trends and research on resistance training for sports performance, general fitness and wellness, successful aging and rehabilitation. 

Questions? Want to join? Send a message below. I'd love to hear from you!

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Join a FREE CEU course today to learn how the latest resistance training research comes to life in the gym, clinic, and at-home. Incorporate contemporary science and resistance training methods confidently into your practice. Earn CEUs for physical therapy doing something you love while learning to help others. 

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Hi! I'm Dr. Amy. I'm happy you are here.

I’ve always believed that the key to happiness is to do what you love every day! 


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And that's what I've done....spent the past 30 years in gyms, athletic training centers, and classrooms, and loved every single minute of it. I've been fortunate to watch some of the most highly skilled athletes in the world train, and I've also been fortunate enough to be present and a part of people's fitness journeys. By being present, trying to listen to what people want, I narrowed my career focus to the relationship between the details of resistance training programming and muscle performance. Designing CEU courses that address resistance training programming in a real-world way is the mission of the site.

Your success is my number one priority. Whether it's one student or 500, I am equally committed to each class and your resistance training journey. Our goal is to deliver organic, engaging resistance training CEU course for physical therapy on topics that you can use personally and professionally. 

The success of resistance training as a healthcare medium is paramount to our success as an industry. I love resistance training and believe that by teaching how it can be applied to sports, medicine, fitness and wellness, we can successfully integrate resistance training into prescriptive medicine and positively impact the lives of everyone.

Again, welcome and let's get started!


"I‚Äôve had the privilege of working with Amy Ashmore as she conceptualized and launched two of her most recent courses. She has a keen understanding of the changing needs of fitness professionals and provides engaging and applicable material to address those needs. Amy is an excellent educator and content collaborator. Her professionalism and clear passion for what she does is evident in every conversation and communication. I look forward to working together on future projects.‚ÄĚ

Lauren Shroyer, MS ATC Director of Product Development, American Council on Exercise

"Dr. Amy Ashmore's teaching style was truly exceptional. Her approach was organic, making the subject matter come to life with real-world examples. Every lecture was engaging and captivating, and I've never learned more from any other teacher. Without a doubt, she was the best instructor I've ever had and she made me feel excited to attend classes and ACTUALLY learn and retain the information.

Marissa Berger, Assoc. Territory Mgr., Eli Lilly

‚ÄúI have been privileged to have a professional association with Dr. Ashmore for the past 10 years, during which time she has impressed me with her unique ability to effectively bridge the gap between the scientist and the practitioner.‚ÄĚ

Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, President & Chief Science Officer, American Council on Exercise

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Resistance Training Professional Development. 

All CEU courses for physical therapy are designed based on an easy formula: present the resistance training research and use that data to build workouts to help you a make a difference each day. 

Whether you are new to resistance training methods or a veteran, welcome. The mission is focused: help you confidently apply the most up-to-date resistance training methods at every stage of your career.

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