Resistance training brings joy.



Resistance training is the fountain of youth.


Resistance training is a pillar of health and wellness.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide resistance training focused physical therapy continuing education courses. The formula is simple: use the latest research to build content that can be applied immediately. All courses are designed with one question in mind: what does it look like in the gym, at-home, or in-clinic? The approach is straight forward: design courses based on what we all want to know - which exercises to do and how to structure them?

All courses are built using new science and include training templates and sample routines for immediate use.

I have spent a lifetime in gyms - from athletic training centers to boxing gyms in Texas, Mexico, and Las Vegas, and where I started, the Gold's gym behind the Florida State football stadium. I want to share that knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to learn more about resistance training methods. 

My intent is to bridge the gap between traditional weightlifting methods and healthcare outcomes. Modern science tells us that resistance training is a vital, one of the most important indicators, of health, wellness, aging, and performance. The key is in the programming - join me and together we'll explore how to bring resistance training to the forefront of healthcare.



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What Other Are Saying

"Amy is an extremely effective and well-respected leader. As Program Director, she set clear and realistic expectations and worked tirelessly to help her faculty excel. As a result, the program flourished under her leadership. She united the faculty within our group, respected everyone’s concerns and worked to create the best possible working environment. She welcomed working with people from all disciplines and was a unifying force. I feel fortunate to have worked under her guidance and am a better faculty member as a result."

Kristin Ondrak, PhD, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

"Amy Ashmore is a superb educator, whose enthusiasm for her subject matter bubbles over and reaches everyone in a room. Amy has been writing and presenting for IDEA since 2002. She can get a fitness professional audience more engaged in the topics of biomechanics and physics than you could ever dream possible! She is an intelligent professional and creative teacher, as well as a generous and delightful human being."

Sandy Todd Webster, Former Editor in Chief at Idea Health & Fitness Association