Best time of day to workout

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Find Your Best Time of Day to Workout

The time of day that you do exercise important to whether it works or not. The bottom line is that doing exercise at different times of the day influences the body in different ways and should be determined by goals and preferences; however, it is important to remember that consistency is number one!

Cardiovascular Exercise

For cardiovascular exercise like jogging or spin class, both morning and afternoon exercise is effective; however, morning exercise seems to be preferred to afternoon workouts because it promotes key chemical changes important for fat and oxygen utilization that contribute to weight loss and management and heart health improvements.

Strength Exercise

The suggested time of day for resistance training is different from cardiovascular exercise, especially if the goal is to increase muscle strength and power. Because 4 p.m. marks the time when muscles are their most pliable, body temperature peaks, and it is the end of the peak for testosterone in the daily cycle, the suggested best time of day for resistance training is late afternoon, 4 – 6 pm to be exact.

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