Build Muscle Strength and Power

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Build muscle strength and power using a few key training principles.

Muscle mass is part of the equation, but most people want to get stronger, and in the case of athletes, muscle power is the desired outcome. The tips below show you how to develop muscle power – speed and strength. Get STRONG using select training methods, suggested time of day to train, and other critical programming factors like how to release testosterone into the body, cardiovascular exercise, and rest periods - all designed for optimal performance. 

  1. Synchronize workouts to daily changes in testosterone levels.
  2. Do resistance training between 4 – 6 pm.
  3. Do resistance training every other day, at least three times per week, to increase testosterone levels up to 40%.
  4. Start with squats to increase testosterone and human growth hormone in the body.
  5. Use total body exercises.
  6. Keep each workout focused to the same or similar muscles used.
  7. Do flexibility training to maintain muscle elasticity for resistance training.
  8. Do NOT do cardiovascular exercise ahead of resistance training.
  9. Keep cardiovascular exercise as low as 40% max heart rate (breathing is a little harder but you can easily talk).
  10. Limit cardiovascular training in general.

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